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Industrial Automation-Master In Industrial Automation



Industrial automation involves various tool for automation mainly PLC, SCADA & HMI. Combination of all these achieves a complete automation because all of them plays an important role in automation hierarchy. SCADA is at top most  position as it is providing supervisory control for a process. PLC is directly connected with input and output field devices which in turn controls the status of output depending upon the status of inputs. the inegration of PLC with HMI provides a lean automation solution. HMI provides Alarms/warnings reliable messaging which in turn can benefit a facility in operation safety & production.

Apart from this , designing also field which is directly or indirectly connected with industrial automation as Automation panels(i.e PLC/HMI/Drives panels)

in this area,E-plan will definitely help as it drives design automation & standardization, the future of electrical engineering. E-plan electric takes over many of the most time consuming project tasks like wire numbering device tagging allowing user to complete projects a fraction of time it would take using CAD tools, Auto CAD etc.


After this course student will be able to:

  • To differentiate between type of inputs and outputs involved in the process.
  • To calculprate the no. of inputs  and outputs involved in the process.
  • To select correct type of a PLC for the given application.
  • To write the PLC in sinking/sourcing mode.
  • To connect input/output to PLC.
  • To program a PLC for applications involving timer or counting operations.
  • To program a PLC for analog inputs/outputs.
  • Interfacing a PLC with SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition).
  • To design a HMI screen for given application.
  • To assign an alarm /trends for process.
  • Creating tags for discrete & analog input/outputs.
  • To assign a security for a process.
  • To create/edit project properties.
  • To create a different pages under a given project.
  • To identify IES symbols.
  • To design control & power circuits
  • To create macros.
  • To generate a bill of material automatically by attaching parts.
  • To genrate Title page & table of contents.

Brief Contents

  • PLC SCADA (click to see syllabus)
  • HMI
    • An Introduction to HMI
    • Difference between HMI & SCADA INPUT
    • Designing discrete input & output
    • Designing analog input & output
    • Creating a graphic as per the application
    • How to set alarms for process
    • Generation of trends
    • Application of security
  • E-PLAN(Electric)
    • Introduction to E-plan
    • Basics of IEC symbols
    • Creating single line diagram
    • Creating power diagram
    • Generating bill of materials
    • Generating title Page
    • Generating table of content
  • Certificate:
    • MIT Certification

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