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PLC SCADA Course Mumbai & Thane

PLC SCADA Training Course in Thane & Mumbai

Introduction of PLC

PLC stands for programmable logic controller. It is an industrial computer that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based on custom program to control the state of output devices.

Almost any production line machine function or process can be greatly enhanced using PLC’s. The biggest benefit in using a PLC is the ability to change & replicate the operation or process while collecting and communicating vital information.

Another advantage of PLC system is that it is modular. That it is you can mix and match the type of input and output devices o best suit your application.

After this course student will be able to:

  • To differentiate between type of inputs and outputs involved in the process.
  • To calculate the no. of inputs and outputs involved in the process.
  • To select correct type of a PLC for the given application.
  • To write the PLC in sinking/sourcing mode.
  • To connect input/output to PLC.
  • To program a PLC for applications involving timer or counting operations.
  • To program a PLC for analog inputs/outputs.
  • Interfacing a PLC with SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition).

Brief Contents


  • Introduction
  • Advantages of PLC control Panel
  • Architecture of PLC
  • Functions of various Blocks that make PLC
  • Working principle of PLC
  • Memory types
  • Different types of I/O circuits
  • Concept of inputs and outputs
  • Concept of Digital inputs and outputs
  • Concept of Analog inputs and outputs
  • Concept of sink and source input/ output cards
  • Programming Methods & devices
  • Programming with PLC
  • Basic Instructions – NO and NC contacts
  • Boolean gates – symbols and truth tables
  • Ladder Logic
  • Concept of latching and unlatching
  • Timers and counters
  • Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of PLC
  • Selection of PLC
  • Applications

ALLEN BRADLEY PLC (Micrologix 1400)

  • Allen Bradley PLC Introduction
  • Allen Bradley Pin configuration and technical specification
  • Scaling Point
  • Analog I/O Interface
  • Introduction to RSLinx Software
  • Introduction to RSLogix 500 Software
  • Programming Instructions
  • User and Bit functions
  • Timer and Counters
  • Input/Output
  • Compare Instructions
  • Compute/math Instructions
  • Move and Logical Instructions
  • File Shift and sequencer Instructions

Siemens PLC  S7-1200

  • PLC Hardware/Architecture
  • PLC Scan Cycle
  • Bit, Byte & Word Instructions
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Timer, Counter Configuration
  • Instruction Set
  • Uploading, Downloading, Monitoring of program
  • I/O Modules Configuration
  • Subroutine and Interrupts Programming
  • Communication Drivers
  • Analog I/O Addressing, Digital I/O Addressing


  • Introduction to SCADA.
  • Fundamental Principles of Modern SCADA Systems
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • SCADA Hardware and Software
  • Creating & Editing Objects
  • Creating Database / New SCADA Project
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Trends- Real Time & Historical
  • Live interfacing with PLC
  • Graphics Properties – Sizing, Filling, Blinking, Analog Entry, Visibility, Etc.
  • SCADA & PLC Interface used Different drivers
  • Alarm / Events Configuration
  • Security, Recipe Management, Script

Course Projects:

Participants of this course have to work on Real life project/Live project .


  • MIT Certified Engineer

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