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Lighting Design Training Course in Thane (Mumbai)

Lighting Design Program


Lighting design is a field within Architecture, interior design, electrical  engineering that is concerned with the design of lightnings systems, including natural light, electrical light, or both, to serve human needs. Lighting installation and design uses illumination to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect. It includes both artificial light sources like lamps and light fixtures, as well as enhanced performance lights to improve the appearance of an area.

After this course student will be able to:

Produce real life/photo realistic rendering effects

  • Understand Lighting design
  • Direct vs Indirect light
  • Power & energy budgets
  • Current trends in Industry
  • Use Dialux software
  • Make lighting / luminance reports

Brief Contents

  •  Introduction
  •  Lighting Practice
    •  Illuminances
    • Luminance
    • Color Characteristics
    •  Power and Energy Budgets
    •  Initial and Life−cycle Costs
  • Design Approaches
  • Day lighting
  • Fenestration Control
  • Integrating Electric Light
  • Architecture
  • Lamps
  • Current Practice Trends
    • Residential settings
    • Hospitality settings
    • Commercial settings
    • Retail Settings
    • Sports Settings
    • Work Settings
    • Institutional settings (e.g., schools, hospitals, care homes)
  •  Dialux Software for Daylight Calculation
  • Lighting Report Preparation

Course Projects:

Participants of this course have to work on Real life project/Live project .


  • MIT Certified

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