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BE Industrial Automation

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Industrial Automation, Master Diploma
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation


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Provide International Certificate

Hi! I am Nikita. I have joined MIT for Autocad and Revit Architecture The best thing about them is they provided Autodesk International Certification, Government Certificate and their private Certificate, which is beneficial for me to grab jobs opportunity, domestically as well as internationally.They conduct various workshop and seminars like how to crack Technical Interview, 3D printing Workshop etc, which improve skills and keep students updated. On all aspect I am totally satisfied with MIT, and I am very thankful to MIT.


Teaching Method

Hi! I am Asmita I have joined MIT for Autocad and Revit Architecture from past few month back, so far my experience is good and totally satisfied with the teaching quality. As I am non-technical student due to my interest In architecture field I joined here designing course but was little scared to learn it, and I can say the faculty here truly understand knowledge and how to make everyone learn it. They also have system of individual attention to individual student. I can say it was my wise decision to choose MIT as studying here I am discovering each and every feature of the software.I am very proud student of Milestone Institute of Technology. Thank You MIT..!!


Very happy to find this institute!

Hi! I am Gaurav. After my BE in Mechanical I wanted to start-up my career but the job role I was offered was far away from my interest. By reference from my friend I came to know about MIT and started my courses of Autocad And Creo here, as I wanted to pursue my career in engineering design. Due to my well performance and dedication I got the interview opportunity, and I got selected in interview and now I have been working here from past 2 years as Design Engineer. I would definitely like to recommend MIT for others for their better future in design field.

Gaurav Jadhav

Quality of teaching

Hi, my name is Vihang and I am a student of MIT. In 2017, I have joined my design 3D course of Solidworks and Catia and then upgraded for Ansys in 2018, immediately. The reason I have upgraded here is because of quality of teaching I got from them. They have also given me time flexibility as I was occupied with many other activities and my job. I am totally satisfied with the experience I got from MIT and also their syllabus which is upto industrial requirement , it helped me for my growth in my field. I would like to thanks MIT and highly recommend to everyone, students as well as professionals.


Staff Behavior

Hi ! My name is Swajit. I have joined here Solidworks and UGNX, Here faculty plays a very crucial role with students in training. The teachers are very interactive and can solve any problem ask to them. The teaching method is excellent with all industrial based syllabus. The books and E-books provided to us is well prepared and easy to understand as it is very systematically arranged according to topics. On all aspect I am totally satisfied with MIT, and I am very thankfull to each member of MIT for the service I received. Swajit


Staff behaviour

Hello, My name is Yukta. After graduation I was very worried about myself what I will do as I does not have any work experience but when I joined this MIT institute this I became so professional! Yukta


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