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Diploma in CAD Design

Diploma In CAD Design


By studying Graphic Design students will have a wider horizon in the field of art and will Demonstrate artistic growth by executing a variety of images/ text as images, traditional and contemporary techniques that solve complex design problems using creative thinking and analytical skills. Develop and demonstrate their understanding and skillful use of the elements and principles of visual design-
1. conceptual
2. visual
3. relational
4. practical
Gain skill to use the digital tools as a powerful means of communication for creation, modification & presentation.

Course Contents:-

After this course student will be able to do:

Create professional Advertise Designs and Photo-Editing .

  • visual concepts, by hand or using computer software to communicate ideas that inspire.
  • They develop the overall layout and production¬†design¬†for advertisements.
  • brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.
  • Designing and creating a wide variety of graphic art and promotional material.
  • Providing graphical support for Blogs, websites and social media
  • Working on presentations, leaflets, trade-marks, materials and banner designs.
  • Creating integrated design projects across both online and offline outputs.
  • Commissioning illustrators and photographers
  • Experience of print and web design.
  • Able to tailor designs to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Exceptional understanding of colors, style of type, illustrations, photography and animation.

Course Projects:

Participants of this course have to work on Real life project/Live project .


  • MIT Certified Engineer

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