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Variable Frequency Drive

VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE: Electric motors are the workhorses of Industries. They convert electrical energy to mechanical energy with very high efficiency. Electric motors cover the majority of energy consumers & so are the range of applications ranging from industrial manufacturing & processing to commercial & domestic environment. Some of the Read More…

Solidworks-Watch Creation

Solid work Watch creation

4 Tips to communicate your ideas

You’re a Mechanical Engineer, and you’ve got a plan which will doubtless offer wonderful advantages to the company you’re employed for or the purchasers you serve and within the method assist you advance your career. However, so as for each of those things to happen, you need to with success sell plan/this concept/|this idea to potential stakeholders to facilitate the adoption and execution which will bring your idea to reality. this can be something however straightforward to try and do, particularly for an engineer Read More…

Team Work

Milestone contributes by implementing best of Individuals Knowledge and Skills by working together for the betterment of Oranization and Team. It effectively facilitates discussion about the Key issues, strategic direction and priorities to enable the productiviy in Team and individual.

Explore AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 like Never Before

AutoCAD Mechanical provides a excessiveness of drafting automation, part BOM generation and design calculations. It can even simply give structured assemblies with dynamically coupled components lists. Talking to our AutoCAD customers, as their engineering second drawing application, I usually realize that they’re unaware of what AutoCAD Mechanical will do for them. I actually have found some sites that have AutoCAD Mechanical put in, however use `dear old’ plain / Vanilla AutoCAD by preference! the reality is that if Read More…

Successful Students

Milestone has about enrollment of about approx thousands of students yearly with good ratio of students working in top most companies in India and Overseas. (Name of Companies- Larsen and turbo, Sameer, Ansys, PackSys Global (India) Pvt. Ltd. Etc)

Career Planning

Milestone has an enduring commitment to the education and advancement of students. Our mission represents an unwavering commitment to its core value of designing, excellence, truth and service for our accredited partners centres and students.

Better Options

With hightly job oriented software and latest version, milestone focuses on guidance of courses as per its importance in various Industries.

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