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Women Empowerment 

Women’s Empowerment - Vocational Training

We work for women’s empowerment in slum communities across Maharashtra. Our classes teach women a combination of life skills, literacy and vocational skills, thus equipping them with various market skills and the ability to be independent earning members of their family.

We provide livelihood training for young girls who have dropped out of school. This makes them socially and economically independent. Entrepreneurship training is also given to the young girls aiming for self-employment for financial stability in the future.

Vocational training classes like tailoring, garment, embroidery helps women to become self-reliant.

This empowerment helps them to spread awareness and become ambassadors for change in their communities. Economic empowerment is facilitated through the computerized vocational education and training programs and social-democratic empowerment through a Life Enrichment Education. Results have shown that this is a powerful way to scale up women empowerment and respond to the needs of a community.