Revit structure

Revit Structure


Revit Structure software is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for structural engineering firms, providing industry-specific tools for structural design and analysis.



2 Months (Regular / Weekend)

Entry Qualification:

ITI or Draughtsman, Diploma or BE/BTECH from Civil/Architecture Branch


Building Information Modeling for Structural Engineering:

  • About Building Information Modeling
  • About Bidirectional Associativity

Revit Structure Basics:

  • Exploring the User Interface
  • The Revit Structure User Interface
  • The Ribbon Framework
  • Working with Structural Elements and Families
  • About Structural Elements
  • About Families

Viewing the Structural Model:

  • Working with Views
  • About Views
  • View Parameters
  • Controlling Object Visibility
  • About Controlling Object Visibility
  • View Templates
  • Modifying Line Styles
  • Using Filters
  • Working with Elevation and Section Views
  • About Elevation and Section Views
  • Controlling Visibility of an Elevation Tag
  • Working with 3D Views
  • About 3D Views
  • Navigating Through a 3D View
  • About Cameras
  • Creating and Modifying Camera Views
  • Changing Material Properties

Starting a New Project:

  • Starting a New Project
  • About Projects
  • Creating Project Templates
  • Creating elevations
  • Adding and Modifying Levels
  • About Levels
  • Adding and Modifying Levels
  • Adding and Modifying Grids
  • About Grids
  • Methods of Creating and Modifying Grid Lines

Creating Structural Columns and Walls:

  • Working with Structural Columns
  • About Structural Columns
  • Loading Structural Columns
  • Creating Structural Column Types
  • Structural Column Tools and Options
  • Creating Openings in Structural Columns
  • Working with Structural Walls
  • About Structural Walls
  • Structural Wall Type Parameters
  • Structural Wall Instance Parameters
  • Continuous Footings and Pilasters
  • Process of Modeling Structural Walls
  • About Wall Pilasters
  • Creating Wall Openings

Creating Frames:

  • Adding Floor Framing
  • About Floor Framing
  • About Beams
  • Beam Properties
  • Adding Openings in a Beam
  • Working with Beams and Beam Systems
  • About Beams and Beam Systems
  • Beam System Properties
  • Methods of Creating Sloped Beams
  • Process of Creating a 3D Beam Systems
  • Working with Structural Steel Frames
  • About Structural Steel Frames
  • Setting Steel Frame Symbols in Plan View
  • Process of Adding Bracing Members
  • Editing Braces
  • Working with Concrete Beams
  • About Concrete Beams
  • Options to Edit Concrete Beam Joins
  • Vertical Justification of Beams

Creating Floors and Roofs:

  • Adding Floors
  • About Floor Elements
  • Process of Adding a Floor Element
  • Creating Sloped Floors
  • Creating Shaft Openings in Floors
  • Creating Roofs and Adding Structural Framing
  • About Roofs
  • Process of Sketching Roofs

Creating Foundations:

  • Adding Foundations
  • About Foundations
  • Creating Stepped Walls and Foundations

Additional Building Components:

  • Creating Stairs
  • About Stairs and Railings
  • Creating Stairs
  • Creating Ramps
  • About Ramps
  • Process of Creating Ramps

Creating Plan Annotations and Schedules:

  • Adding Dimensions
  • About Temporary Dimensions
  • About Permanent Dimensions
  • About Spot Dimension Symbols
  • Working with Text and Tags
  • About Text
  • About Tags
  • Process of Adding Tags
  • Setting Text Placement Parameters
  • Creating Legends
  • About Legends
  • Working with Schedules
  • About Schedules
  • Working with Schedules

Creating Detailing:

  • Working with Detail Views
  • Adding Detail Views
  • Process of Saving and Reusing a Detail View
  • Adding Concrete Reinforcement
  • Adding 3D Reinforcement
  • Adding Detail Components
  • Working with Drafting Views
  • About Drafting Views
  • Process of Creating and Reusing Drafting Views
  • Working with CAD Details
  • Options for Importing and Editing CAD Files

Creating Construction Documentation:

  • Working with Sheets and Titleblocks
  • About Sheets and Titleblocks
  • About Revision Tracking
  • Process of Creating Sheets by using Customized Titleblocks
  • Creating Revision Clouds
  • Printing Sheets
  • Print Settings
  • Print Setup Settings
  • Exporting Content to CAD Formats
  • Managing Exporting Content
  • Process of Exporting Views to CAD Formats