Revit MEP1

Revit MEP


Revit MEP software is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers. It provides an integrated design, analysis, and documentation tool to support building systems projects from concept through construction.



2 Months (Regular / Weekend)

Entry Qualification:

ITI or Draughtsman, Diploma or BE/BTECH from Civil/Architecture/Mechanical Branch


Introduction to Revit MEP:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Revit MEP
  • Overview of the Revit MEP Interface
  • Opening a Revit MEP Project
  • Viewing Commands

Basic Drawing and Editing Tools:

  • General drawing tools
  • Editing Revit elements
  • Basic modifying tools
  • Additional editing tools

Starting Revit MEP Projects:

  • Starting Revit projects
  • Linking Revit models
  • Copying and monitoring linked files
  • Setting up levels


  • Duplicating views
  • Adding callout views
  • Setting the view display
  • Creating elevations
  • Creating sections
  • Working with ceilings

Revit MEP Systems:

  • About Revit MEP Systems
  • Working with Components
  • Creating Systems - Overview
  • System Graphics
  • Connecting Components
  • Analyzing Systems

Spaces and Zones:

  • Creating spaces
  • Creating zones
  • Creating color schemes

HVAC Systems:

  • About HVAC systems
  • Adding terminals and mechanical equipment
  • Adding ductwork
  • Creating duct systems
  • Automatic ductwork layouts

Hydronic Piping Systems:

  • About hydronic piping systems
  • Adding mechanical equipment
  • Drawing piping
  • Creating hydronic systems
  • Automatic piping layouts
  • Analyzing piping systems
  • Fire protection systems

Plumbing Systems:

  • About plumbing systems
  • Adding plumbing fixtures
  • Drawing piping for plumbing systems
  • Working with plumbing systems

Electrical Systems:

  • About electrical systems
  • Placing electrical components
  • Creating electrical circuits
  • Cable trays and conduit
  • Electrical panel schedules

Construction Documents:

  • Setting up sheets
  • Placing and modifying views on sheets
  • Printing sheets

Annotating Construction Documents:

  • Working with dimensions
  • Working with text
  • Adding detail lines and symbols
  • Creating legends

Tags and Schedules:

  • Adding tags
  • Working with schedules
  • Creating schedules

Detailing in Revit MEP:

  • Setting up detail views
  • Creating details
  • Annotating details
  • Patterning