3ds Max

3Ds Max


3ds Max® Design software is a comprehensive 3D design, modeling, animation, and rendering solution for architects, designers, civil engineers, and visualization specialists. Evaluate and sell designs before they are built, with rapid iterations, accurate daylight analysis, and high-impact visuals and animations.


2 Months (Regular / Weekend)

Entry Qualification: 

ITI or Draughtsman, Diploma or BE/BTECH from Civil/Architecture/Interior Design Branch.


Standard Primitives

  • Introduction to 3D Max
  • Uses in various Engineering sectors
  • Four ports and configuration
  • Animation option-Time line & time slider
  • Unit setup

Extended Primitives

  • Application of tools in main toolbar
  • Link, Unlink, Selection tools, Operating tools, Mirror & Snaps
  • Navigation panel, Media panel, Grid and snap setup
  • Selection sets, Align, Layers, Render,
  • Material editor
  • Create, Modify, Hierarchy, Object Categories
  • Tools-Array, Mirror
  • Group menu, P Q R Axis, Family parameters

Basic Models

  • Parameter modifiers
  • Limit effects with Gizmo center
  • Creating a 3D objects by using AEC extended objects

2D & 3D Boolean

  • Creating 2D sketches by using spline, line etc
  • Creating 3D objects by using commands like extrude, lathe, loft Boolean

Advanced Modeling

  • Creating some architectural objects like sunshade, Block
  • Front projections arcs by using parametric modifiers
  • Creating 3D objects like door, windows, wall, railing, stairs etc
  • Foliage & site impartment
  • Creating compound objects

Advanced Rendering

  • Standard lightning, Advanced lightning by using light parameters tools
  • Basic texturing of 3D models by using texturing tool
  • Creating particles, environmental effects in 3D models
  • Animating camera, path camera by motion panel tools
  • Animating the position, rotation & path of the camera
  • Rendering


  • Frame to frame animation, Parametric animation
  • Object animation, Walk through, creating video files