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Mission & Vision

At Milestone we are committed to providing a complete education solution. Our mission, values and key principles shape our behaviour to allow us to continually provide a high quality, hassle-free education experience for our Accredited Partner Centres and students.

Milestone Education Mission

To be a global leader in the teaching programmes and the first choice training hub for IT-ITES, Architecture/Construction & Mechanical Sectors.To improve an individual’s future prospects and opportunities by providing quality qualifications that are widely recognised and valued by employers and universities worldwide.

Milestone Education Values

In all that we do, we aim to be: Innovative Excellent Transparent and Collaborative.

  • Innovative: innovating and improving in all we do
  • Excellent: demonstrating excellence in customer service, expertise in IT and socially
  • Transparent: working with integrity, openness and respecting our obligations to our partners and staff
  • Collaborative: nurturing individual talent and engaging all people

Milestone Education Key Principles

As a customer-centric organisation, our focus is always on you, the customer. As a result, at the core of our series are the following principles:

  • Optimal customer service at all times, in terms of both efficiency and courtesy.
  • Co-operative teamwork to facilitate procedures.
  • Listening to customer feedback and acting on it.
  • Nurturing our staff to perform at their best at all times.

You are our focus. We are committed to providing a customer-centric service that exceeds your needs and expectations.