Milestone PLM solutions is an independent supplier of CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions to industry.

 Today, we are recognised internationally as a leading provider of CAD/FEA technology, offering solutions to companies in the US, UK and internationally.

  • Engineering Design Services
  • CAD-CAM-CAE Software Sell
  • CAD-CAM-CAE Training
  • Quality assuranc


Your Product requirements are likely to evolve as you introduce new technology and products. To avoid uncertainties, you can benefit from a long term relationship with a company that seeks to offer products & services tailored to your latest needs.

  • Flexibility in Software – you will be recommended the most appropriate software from a Milestone portfolio
  • Flexibility in Consulting – you will receive an appropriate solution, for all types or sizes of project
  • Flexibility in Training – you can define your own training needs & attend at a time & location convenient to you


Why Choose Us?

You will benefit from our best knowledge & a proven service with more than 50 clients.

About Milestone

You will receive valuable guidance based on the experience of independent professional engineers.
As an active member of numerous reputed organisations (e.g. IIT-Mumbai ) and industry associations
(e.g. Siemens, Moldex3D, Altair), this advice will be up-to-date.               


Your solution will not be constrained to a limited product range offered by a sole software supplier.
Instead, your requirements will be satisfied by selecting from a wide range of software, consulting &
training services, all supplied to the Quality Assurance standard.